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About Us

AC Batteries

AC Motors

Alkaline Batteries

Alternative Energy Storage Methods

Authentication and Identification

Battery Applications

Battery Comparison Chart (PDF)

Battery Life (and Death)

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Battery Manufacturing

Battery Pack Design

Battery Performance Characteristics

Battery Power Demand Management

Battery Protection Methods

Battery Quotation Request

Battery Relability

Battery Safety

Battery Standards

Battery Storage

Battery Testing

Battery Types

Beginners Page

Benefits of Custom Battery Packs

Boolean Logic and Digital Circuits

Brushless DC and Reluctance Motors

Buying Batteries in China (PDF)

Carbon Footprints

Cell Balancing

Cell Chemistries

Cell Construction

Charger Specification Checklist

Chargers and Charging

Charger Quotation Request

Common Battery Case Sizes (PDF)

Communications Buses

Communications Satellites

Computer Architecture

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Conversion Table

DC Motors

Direct Energy Conversion (AMTEC)

Discovery of the Elements (Timeline)

Electric Machines

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Electrical Energy

Electricity Demand

Electricity from Biofuels

Electricity from Fossil Fuels

Electrochemical Energy Generation

Electromagnetic Radiation - Radio Waves

Electropaedia Technology Search Engine

Energy Efficiency

Energy from Coal?

Energy Resources

Energy Conversion and Heat Engines

Engineering Harmony

Enigma's Cryptic Secrets

Feedback Form

Flow Batteries

Free Report Request

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Fuel Cell Comparison Chart

Fuel Cells

Gas Turbine Power Generators


Geothermal Power Generation


Going Solar


Grätzel Cell

Grid Scale Energy Storage ESS

Hall of Fame

High Power Batteries

High Temperature Batteries

History of Technology

History Themes and Characters (List)

Home Page

Homebrew Battery

How to Specify Batteries

Hybrid Power Generation Plants

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydrogen Power

Images and Diagrams (List)

Instructions for Using Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Leclanché Cells

Legal Statement

Liquid Metal Batteries

Lithium Battery Shipping Regulations

Lithium Cell Failures

Lithium Primary Batteries

Lithium Secondary Batteries

Low Power Batteries

MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD) Electricity Generation

Motor Controls

MSDS - Typical Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

New Cell Designs and Chemistries

Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) Batteries

Nickel Hydrogen Batteries

Nickel Iron (NiFe) Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries

Nickel Zinc Batteries

Nuclear Power - The Practice

Nuclear Power - The Theory

Other Galvanic Cell Chemistries

Page Quality Rating

Particle Physics - TheStandard Model

Piston Engined Power Generators

Primary Batteries

Privacy Promise


Redox Batteries

Reference Books

Reserve Batteries

Rocket Science

Satellite Technologies

Secondary Batteries

Semiconductor Primer

Shocking Batteries

Silver Oxide / Silver Zinc Batteries

Site Map

Site Search Engine

Small Scale Electricity Generation

Software Configurable Battery

Solar Batteries

Solar Power Generation

Snow's Cholera Map

Special Purpose Motors


State of Charge (SOC) Determination

State of Health (SOH) Determination

Steam Turbine Power Generators

Stirling Engine Power Generator

Sticky Ends


Technical Library - White Papers

Themes and Characters

Theories and Explanations (List)

Thermal Batteries

Thermal Management

Thermoelectricity Generators

Timeline of Quantum Theory

Timeline of Technology

Traction Batteries

Typical Cylindrical Cells (PDF)

Typical High Power Cells (PDF)

Typical Prismatic Cells (PDF)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Energy Transfer

Water Activated Batteries

Why Batteries Fail

Wind Power Generation

Wireless Wonders

Zebra Batteries

Zinc Air Batteries


Sub Pages - Theories, Explanations, Pictures and Figures (Not in the Main Menu)


Theories and Explanations

Aerodynamic Lift and Drag and the Theory of Flight

Apollo Moon Shot - 38 Steps to the Moon and Back

Ballistics, Orbits and Aerodynamics

Bohr's Atom and Spectral Lines

The Divine Proportion or Golden Mean

Eratosthenes Measurement of the Earth's Circumference

Gyroscopes and Navigation

Laws of Motion (Galileo and Newton)

Pascal's Triangle and Probabilities

Timekeepers (Clocks and Watches)


Images and Diagrams


Alloy Junction Transistor

Archimedes Machines

Bristol, Temple Meads Station

Brunel - Engineering Superman

Brunel's Bridges

CERN's CMS Particle Detector

Charged Particle Tracks

Chicago CP-1 Atomic Pile

Coalbrookdale IronBridge - The World's First

Cugnot's Steam Carriage


Diffused Base "Mesa" Transistor

Double Acting Piston

Drift Chamber Particle Detector

Einstein and Szilárd's 1939 letter to President Roosevelt

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL)

Entanglement and Bell's Inequality

Faraday Disk Motor/Generator

Faraday's Electric Motor

Feynman's Particle Physics Diagrams

George Antheil

The Great Eastern

Harrison's Marine Chronometers

Hedy Lamarr

Heisenberg's Matrix Mechanics

Hero's Aeolipile


Hysteresis Loop


Krupp Gustav Gun

Krupp's Paris Gun

Krupp Weldless Steel Tyre

London, Paddington Station

Lorentz Force

Magdeburg Hemispheres


Map of Mesopotamia

Martin Cooper with his DynaTAC Mobile Phone

Maxwell's Colour Photograph

Michelson's Interferometer and the Michelson-Morley Experiment

Millikan's Determination of Planck's Constant

Negative Resistance Characteristic

Newcomen's Steam Engine

Normal Distribution

Papin's Steam Engine

Planar Transistor

Plato's Cave Allegory

Point Contact Transistor

Pulse Jet Engine

R-7 Rocket which Launched Sputnik 1

Roman Aqueducts

Savery's Steam Engine


Smeaton's Whirling Arm

Snow's Soho Cholera Map

Stephenson's Rocket Locomotive

Stern-Gerlach Experiment Demonstrating Quantum Spin

Surface Barrier Transistor

Temperature Compensation

Three Input RTL NOR Gate


Travelling Wave Tube (TWT)

Trevithick's Pen-y-Darren Locomotive

Tunnel Diode Characteristic

V-1 Cruise Missile / Flying Bomb

V-2 Rocket

Watt's Flyball Centrifugal Governor

Watt's Steam Engine

Young's Double Slit Interference Experiment






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